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+90(382) 288 2125


Contact Information


Professor of Biochemistry

Aksaray University, Faculty of Arts and Sci.
Chemistry Dept. Biochemistry Div.

Research Area

Polymer Technology
Production of polymers and polymeric biomaterials with various shapes (beads, membranes, cryogels) having different bulk and surface properties, and modification of them by various methods for medical and biological applications.

Enzyme technology. Purification of enzymes from different sources and investigation of their characteristics regarding immobilization.

Chromatographic Techniques
Preparation of polymeric biospecific sorbents, and their use for the purification of biomolecules (i.e., proteins, enzymes, nucleic acids etc.) with some chromatographic techniques (i.e., Bioaffinity Chromatography, Dye Affinity Chromatography, Immobilized Metal Affinity Chromatography, Molecular Imprinting, etc.). Removal of toxic substances such as microcystins and metal ions from water.

Biosensor surface chemistry and surface design
Preparation of Colormatic and QCM based sensor systems for different molecules by molecular imprinting techniques. 

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