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Düzce University Faculty of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Düzce, TURKEY

Dr. Demet Erdönmez received her PhD degree in Biotechnology from Hacettepe University/Turkey (2014). Dr Erdönmez did her postdoctoral researches under the supervision of Prof. Odabaşı at Aksaray University (2018). In 2021, she started to work in the Düzce University Faculty of Pharmacy. Dr. Erdönmez carried out short-term researches abroad within the scope of Erasmus. Dr. Erdönmez teaches doctoral and undergraduate courses at Duzce University. Her lab does research on the molecular pathways that bacteria employ to communicate across cells. Erdönmez’s work opens the door for the creation of novel antibacterial therapies by interfering with communication mediated by quorum sensing. Throughout her career, Dr. Erdönmez has specialized in microbiology, molecular genetics, molecular and cell biology as well as biochemistry. Now she applies this scientific background to lead her laboratory into the study of bacterial cell compartmentalization and its contribution to the development of infective processes. She conducts studies on antibiotic resistance in endodontic infections and the effectiveness of antimicrobial treatments in endodontics.

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